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What is a
Lash Lift?

A good way to understand a lash lift is to think of it as a perm for your lashes. Your beauty therapist will then curl each individual lash using an eye-safe serum, all while you lay back and relax.

A lash lift can provide you with gorgeously lush and curled lashes, making your lashes appear longer, and your eyes larger and giving you a naturally youthful look.

The treatment takes under an hour and is not painful at all – in fact, many of our clients actually fall asleep during the process!

The lashes lift generally lasts between four and six weeks and will wear off naturally, so there is no need to come back into our parlour until you are ready for your next treatment.

Why Choose a lash lift?

A lash lift is an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions – especially if you prefer a more natural look. Many of our clients who have long but straight lashes love this service, as the curl makes their lashes appear far longer and gives them a more youthful, doe-eyed appearance.

This is a great option for the holidays or during the warmer months, as they don’t require any extra maintenance and look fresh and natural – the perfect look for lounging around the pool or beach!

It is also popular to combine a lash lift with our eyelash tinting service, as this makes your lashes look longer, darker and overall more luscious!

So, if you are sick of constantly wearing mascara, or are intimidated by lash extensions, a lash lift is the perfect beauty treatment for you! You can achieve a gorgeous set of luscious curly lashes in one simple appointment!

Last lift service BBP

Our new eyelash lift service is currently only available in a few stores; however, we hope to increase this number in the future so all of our valued customers can receive a lift if they so choose.

The stores currently offering our eyelash lift service include all of our Tasmanian stores and our Liverpool store in New South Wales. The pricing of our eyelash lift varies between states, so contact your local Beauty and Brow Parlour for the exact price.

Contact the Beauty and Brow Parlour

For more information on our Lash Lift service, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at the Beauty and Brow Parlour! They can answer all of your burning questions, and book you in for an appointment!

THE BEAUTY & BROW PARLOUR Lash Extension Service
By Appointment Only*

(Availability of appointments may vary between stores)

  • Temporary Extensions $50*
  • Eyelash Refill $60
  • Eyelash Lift $70
  • Russian Volume Lashes $140*

  • Permanent Extensions/ Full Set/Classic $105*
  • Removal $45
  • Volume $70

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