Brow Perfector

Brow Perfector

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A dual-ended brow crayon and powder-filled sponge for shaping and defining the brows. Also has a brow brush to add the final grooming touches for perfect brows.

Select Color: Light/Blonde Dark/Brunette

Who is it for?

  • Those who love a highly defined brow shape (crayon end)
  • Those who prefer a softer, natural look (powder sponge end)
  • Travelling or those who are always on-the-go

Key benefits:

  • All-in-one tool for perfect brows
  • Versatile double-ended application for a variety of effects
  • Crayon end creates high-definition brows
  • Powder-sponge creates a softer blended brow effect
  • Spoolie for those final touches
  • Ideal to take with you anywhere

Crayon end:

  • Use the crayon end to define the desired shape of the brows
  • Fill in any sparse areas within the brow
  • Brush the spoolie end over the brows to blend the crayon, soften sharp lines and groom the brow hairs.

Powder Sponge end:

  • Pump the sponge into the powder-filled end cap to pick up the powder
  • Apply the powder to the brows, filling in sparse patches and creating a soft and natural look
  • Use the spoolie brush to blend the powder through the brows, soften the effect and groom the brow hairs

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