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At the Beauty & Brow Parlour we stock a variety of functional makeup products that aid in the upkeep of your eyebrows. Here is a quick review and demo of all the makeup products we sell.

We’ve recently received a review from one of our first-time customers, thank you for sending through your review! We love to hear about our customer’s experiences. From our Brightening Eye Cream to Brow Wax helping to keep your eyebrows in place all day, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find something perfect for you!

In the video, one of her favourites was the 3-in-1 Brow Perfector which is super functional and affordable for its versatility.

All products can be shopped in store. Feel free to head in store to gain some awesome brow styling tips and advice from our lovely staff!

Threading Review

If you’re curious about the various threading services that the Beauty and Brow Parlour offer in store, have a look at this video. One of our first-time customers shared her experience of choosing the upper lip and chin threading option. In the video, you can see how quick and simple this option of hair removal is!

We love to ensure our services are time efficient and effective. We understand that doing beauty upkeep routines yourself can be time consuming and a bore. Here we hope to alleviate some of that stress, so you can spend more time doing what you love most!

Visit our website for more info: https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/threading/

Lash Extension

Lash Extensions are one of our most popular services — I understand why! Lash extensions dramatically remove the chore of putting on and removing mascara at the end of each day. They last for about 2 to 3 weeks and are available in both a ‘Natural’ & ‘Volume’ style option for a bolder eye look. So they’re perfect for an everyday lash or for a special occasion.

In this video, one of our customers opted for the ‘Natural’ lash option, which gives a beautiful, wispy look to your lashes. It is currently the most popular option out of the two lash style choices – we absolutely adore it!

Watch this video review to be taken first-hand through our store and experience the joy of a fresh set of lashes.

Visit Website: https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/lash-extensions/

Store Review

In this video review, one of our first-time customers shares her experience at the Beauty & Brow Parlour at Pran Central Shopping Centre. It was great to see her enjoy the experience whilst interacting with our helpful staff.

 Furnished elegantly, our parlours are designed to give you a warm welcome and relaxing experience! We can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself first hand.

We offer threading, waxing, deluxe facials, lash lifts and a variety of other services to aid in your beauty regime and upkeep. A one trip visit is definitely a time saver! Feel free to book multiple appointments by calling your preferred Beauty Brow Parlour store to try out our range of services.

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Service Prices: https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/pricing/

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