Brow Brush

Date: August 23, 2019

$15.95 $12.76

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The perfect brow grooming tool, the Brow Brush is dual-ended for multiple uses.

The finely shaped chisel brush end helps you to apply your Brow powders with defined precision and/or blend them down for a soft, natural look.

The spoolie end works perfectly with Brow Wax to shape the brows and smooth those tricky strays.


Who is it for?

  • Anyone who uses the Brow Powder
  • Those who want to tame and smooth unruly brows

Key points:

  • Double ended so it’s multi-purpose
  • Perfect companion to the Brow Powder and Brow Wax products
  • Synthetic fibres are easy to clean and cruelty-free


Use the brush end to apply Brow Powder:

  • Dab the brush end onto your powder Tap off any excess powder Stroke the brush over the brows, filling in any sparse areas, defining the shape of the brow or correcting where necessary

Use the brush end to blend:

  • Stroke the brush over your already-applied brow powder or other product to soften the lines and blend through to give a softer and more natural appearance

Use the spoolie end to shape and smooth:

  • Comb the spoolie end over the brows to fix the brow hairs into place and/or remove excess product
  • Works perfectly with Brow Wax to tame any unruly hairs that wont stay in line. Apply Brow Wax with your finger then use the spoolie to comb and shape the brow hairs.