Different Uses For Your Brow Brush

Date: September 18, 2022

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Are you getting the most out of your brow brush or brow perfector? There are a number of ways you can use these versatile brushes in order to achieve your perfect brows. The Beauty & Brow Parlour offers you a few key styling tips and some innovative uses for this essential cosmetic item.

Brushing Your Brows

We know, this one is obvious — it’s in the name, right? We all have different hair and that extends, naturally, to our eyebrows too. Some of us have softer, more malleable hair fibres and others require a firmer hand to get those pesky strays into position. The spoolie end of your brow brush is perfect for grooming your brows and getting all the hairs untangled from one another. It’s important that your brows are thoroughly brushed before adding any cosmetic products in order to avoid annoying issues like clumping.

Applying Your Brow Wax

If you’re a brow wax user then you know that clumps can be your worst nightmare! Resulting in an uneven and unfinished look, you require a smooth brow line to show off your perfectly maintained, beautiful brows. Using your brow brush’s spoolie end, you’re able to work through heavier products like waxes or pomades and ensure a uniform distribution.

Getting Healthier Brows

Achieving the look we want means taking care of our eyebrows and making sure they’re nice and healthy. Your brow brush can be used in this process as a conditioner applicator. The bristles on the spoolie end means that it’s great at evenly applying products like argan oil or revitalising brow serums to your eyebrows. Simply apply a small amount of the liquid to your brow area and use the brush to work in the product thoroughly. Making sure you’re also going against the grain will allow the serum or oil to fully penetrate your brows and work its brow strengthening magic.

Covering Grey Hairs

Many men and women around the world choose to embrace their natural, grey hair and wear it proudly as a signifier of their age, wisdom and journey through life. If you’re not quite at that stage — there’s nothing wrong with that!

Dying your grey hairs is a popular choice that many of us make on a regular basis. Not just to maintain a youthful look, it may be purely for aesthetic purposes, believing you really do look better with different coloured hair. If you find yourself showing your roots at an inopportune time, your brow brush can be used to mask those unwanted spots of grey or white. Simply dab the brush end into your dark coloured brow pomade and apply to the grey roots in visible areas. It’s a handy little trick that many MUA’s swear by!

Creating Faux Freckles

All the rage for the past few years, fake freckles seem to be a beauty trend that’s here to stay. While there are the more adventurous of us out there that are willing to choose the permanent option of tattooing them on, most of us aren’t that game! We’ve all heard a horror story or two about this sort of procedure going wrong during an at-home tattoo session — with disastrous results.

If you want to get freckled up for free, all you need to do is dip the tip of your brow brush into some brown eyeshadow (or whatever colour is best suited to your skin tone). Lightly dot on the freckles in a well spaced, natural pattern across the top of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose to achieve a look that’s pretty but not permanent.

Best Brow Brush On The Market

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