Why Lash Extensions Are So Popular in Melbourne?

Date: June 16, 2020

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The Rise of Lash Extensions in Melbourne

This just in… mascara is out, and lash extensions are in!

You have likely noticed as you scroll through Instagram or walk through the streets that eyelashes are getting longer and longer and more and more flawless. And no, those glamourous looking people are not born with naturally luscious lashes, they’ve jumped onto the growing trend of eyelash extensions! And good news, now you can too!

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eye lash extensions involve a qualified lash artist hand-gluing lash extension on top of your natural lashes, ensuring that your new lashes look just as natural and last until your natural lashes fall out and a replaced – usually around six to eight weeks, it cared for properly.

Lash extensions are the perfect option for you if you love having beautifully long and flawless lashes but hate wearing mascara every day. They are available in a range of options, depending on the look you are after. Whether you’d like a more natural look with our classic set lashes or a glamourous luscious look with our volume lashes, or somewhere in between, we’re here to provide.

The Lash Extension Experts

Our team of skilled and friendly beauty experts are the pros at applying classic or volume lashes and getting that perfect curl to suit your beautiful face. You can say goodbye to the cheap eyelash extensions from the chemist that only last one night and wearing bucket loads of mascara on a night out and waking up to panda eyes. Our long-lasting lash extensions are the future of beauty. Need more proof of the magic of eyelash extensions? Head over to our socials to see some classic lashes before and after images, or better yet, come in store and try them yourself!

And better yet, after a hiatus due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are back baby! All of our Beauty and Brow Parlour salons across Australia are now open to service all of your beauty needs. Come in to get those on-trend classic full set lashes so that you can emerge from lock-down looking your best with the Melb lashes trend!

Contact us to Book an Appointment

To book a Lash Extensions Melbourne appointment with the lovely Beauty & Brow Parlour team, contact our friendly staff today or head to our website for more information or to find a salon near you!

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