Why is It Important to Maintain Your Eyebrows?

Date: December 27, 2021

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The latest TikTok trend has everyone brushing through their eyebrows, showing off thick, luscious, dark, brow hairs. It’s interesting to see how brows make such a big difference and how much we care about them. 

Eyebrows go in and out of style. Take the early 2000s eyebrows for example, the thinner they were, the trendier! People were plucking out all their eyebrow hairs, and preferring to draw lines, to substitute for their natural brows. 

However recent eyebrow trends have come to appreciate thicker, fuller eyebrows and everyone is striving for that strong brow game.  

Why Do We Even Care so Much About Our Brows? 

Well, not only do eyebrows frame your entire face and are maintained for beauty purposes, but they also physically there to keep our eyes clean and clear. They move wetness from sweat and rain away from our eyes so we can maintain our sight. They also assist us daily by aiding in our communication and are important for micro-expression. 

The brow industry, as you may already know, is extensive. People care a lot about their brows as it helps sculpt and define a face.  

However, for many, maintaining eyebrows can seem like a trying task as there are so many ways to do it! It is important to keep in mind, though, that everyone’s brows are unique and we all have our own ways to tame them. Plus, we need to remind ourselves of the eyebrow mantra – “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”. 

Common at-Home Methods for Brow Maintaining:  

  • Tweezing  
  • Trimming  
  • Highlighting above the brow bone 
  • Concealing eyebrow hairs with concealer  
  • Filing in brows with brow pencil  

Professional Brow Treatment Procedures You Can Have: 

  • Threading 
  • Waxing  
  • Tinting  
  • Brow extensions  
  • Brow laminating  
  • Microblading  

Why Care About the Shape of Our Brows? 

Well, brow shaping can help you 

  • Look younger 
  • Look fresher and more awake  
  • Enhance your beauty, especially the eyes  
  • Alter your face shape  
  • Assist in expression  
  • And balance the face 

Overall, having shaped and maintained brows can help you look more put together and give the impression of keeping yourself in good shape. This not only has positive implications within friends and networks, but also allows your own confidence to be boosted!  

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