The Beauty & Brow Parlour Is Here For You!

Date: November 17, 2022

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You might’ve noticed that we’ve opened up a few new locations recently. That’s because it’s our mission to continue expanding our business across the country. We want to be able to offer our exceptional services to every single person in Australia and New Zealand!

10 years ago, our founder Hasan Zaman, saw an opportunity in the Australian beauty sector. Although there was a lot on offer for the public, he believed there was something missing. There weren’t really any businesses devoting enough attention to brow waxing, brow threading, brow tinting and these sorts of essential services. Believing he could make a genuine difference, he began his journey to transform the landscape of the Australian beauty industry — and he succeeded!

We’ve Got Locations All Around Australia

With the addition of our latest parlour (Sunshine Marketplace), The Beauty & Brow Parlour now has 81 different locations around Australia and New Zealand. That’s over 80 opportunities to provide our local communities with a selection of high-quality, affordable beauty services. Now with a team of well over 300 staff members, we not only provide beauty services but also employment opportunities for a diverse range of skilled men and women around the country. We’re proud of the part we’re able to play in this industry’s story, and are grateful that our contributions are so highly valued.

What Makes The Beauty & Brow Parlour So Special?

We’re focused on getting it right. That means giving our customers exactly what they want. Whether it’s premium services delivered at affordable prices, welcoming walk-ins without any appointments or our extremely comfortable facilities — we’re all about giving you the best possible experience. We simply wouldn’t be able to succeed if we put any less than 100% into our customer service, and we understand that. All of our fully-trained staff make it their mission to provide you with an unmatched level of service that’s efficient as well as proficient. We know that your time is just as valuable as ours.

Ruposhi Cosmetics For You

With no plans to slow down, in 2020 we launched our very own line of cosmetic products: Ruposhi! We’ve always been focused on providing our valued customers with a holistic approach to service, and this was simply the next logical step. Ruposhi (which actually means “beautiful” in Bengali — the national language of Bangladesh) offers you a range of products available both online and in-store. We wanted to be able to help our customers in between visits too, not just during your appointments. So, naturally, we developed a range of high-quality cosmetic products for you to use at home, at your leisure.

The Future Of Beauty & Brow

While we can’t say exactly what’s next, we’ve definitely got a few exciting things planned. Always looking to innovate the industry, it brings us great joy to know that our services are appreciated and look forward to what’s to come.

Find out more about our beauty services here or locate your closest parlour and head down today!


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