Under-Eye Bags Bringing You Down? Our Beauty and Brow Tips

Date: July 23, 2021

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Dark, puffy, or sunken under-eyes are one of the most common beauty complaints. Whether they’re due to tiredness, stress, genetics, or age, they can certainly leave us feeling insecure and desperate for a quick-fix.

Today, our Beauty and Brow consultants are here with their advice for preventing, minimising, and disguising those annoying dark circles:

Tip #1: Health Comes First

If your under eye bags have popped up recently, lifestyle factors could be at fault. If you’re particularly stressed or tired, your eyes will be one of the first things to give you away.

If more sleep and relaxation isn’t on the agenda for now, try promoting good skin health in other ways, like with daily hydration and cleansing. Make sure to nourish your under eyes with a good-quality moisturiser and get rid of any toxins with daily cleansing.

Tip #2: Consider Your Brows

Did you know that shaped brows can help hide dark under eyes? Depending on your overall features, a half-moon shaped brow can mirror your under eyes and create a pleasing illusion – plus, gorgeous brows help draw the attention away from tired under eyes.

If you’d like your brows to do their bit in hiding under eye darkness, talk to the team at your local Beauty and Brow. They’d love to shape your gorgeous brows to make the most of your gorgeous features!

Tip #3: Brighten and Illuminate

Our Ruposhi Brightening Eye Cream is perhaps your best defence against tired under eyes. This lightweight cream hydrates and smooths under eyes, while disguising darkness with tiny luminous spheres of radiance.

The Ruposhi Brightening Eye Cream is perfect for everyday wear, with its subtle yet powerful illuminating effects. It works particularly well with our range of Ruposhi Brow cosmetics and our gorgeous Highlighter Pencil, although it can also be used alone for the busy gal on the go!

All-Around Beauty at Beauty and Brow

At Beauty and Brow, we’re all about you! Come talk to our beauty specialists for your new ideal brows, rejuvenating facials, and to get your hands on our exclusive Ruposhi range!

We can’t wait to see you there soon!

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