Tinting: natural-hued tint to match your hair colour

Date: March 12, 2020

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Tinting Treatment


The Beauty and Brow Parlour are proud of our consistent efforts to provide our clients with the services and treatments they require to feel their most beautiful self. One such treatment we provide in this regard is our tinting application which has numerous benefits in allowing your self-confidence to blossom.

Tinting involves the darkening of your lash and brow line to supply you with a more defined and accentuated appearance. Also, the actual hair dye that we use in the tinting application are all naturally sourced and contain no harmful or artificial elements that may harm your skin, leaving you with a healthy and safe treatment to help achieve you on your way to becoming confident and empowered.

When you come into The Beauty and Brow Parlour to receive your tinting application, our highly trained beauticians will examine your natural hair colour so to suggest the perfect accompanying tinting dye to be used in your appointment.

Benefits of Tinting Treatment


The result of your tinting appointment is a darkening of your lash and brow to produce a more striking and aesthetically pleasing look. We take great care to ensure that our tinting is a close match to your natural hair colour to provide the most natural look possible.

We love seeing the glowing look upon our clients face as they relish their appearance post tinting, and we promise that when you come in the same will be evident in your reaction as you look upon your bold new look.

If you would like to bring out your natural beauty with the assistance of our tinting application, please come into your nearest parlour today to talk with our talented beauticians. They will be more than happy to explain the entire process and answer any questions you may have regarding tinting at the Beauty and Brow Parlour.

For more detailed information regarding tinting and the benefits that you can obtain from the treatment head online to the following link now  https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/tinting/.




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