The Most Common Brow Myths – Debunked!

Date: July 21, 2021

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Eyebrows are definitely having a moment… and it doesn’t look like the bold brow trend is going anywhere anytime soon!

So, with that in mind, our Beauty and Brow consultants are here to debunk the most common myths about brows!

Myth: the same brow shape works for everyone

Nope! Our beauty experts agree that your perfect brow shape depends on your other features. Your brow shape should enhance, highlight, and soften the right angles on your face for the most killer brow looks.

Not confident in choosing the perfect brows for your face? Our Beauty and Brow team would love to create the perfect brow shape for you – just talk to our friendly beauty consultants at your local parlour!

Myth: both brows should look exactly the same

There’s an old saying that goes… brows should be sisters, not twins! There’s lots of reasons your brows might not be perfectly symmetrical – and that’s okay! Our faces aren’t entirely symmetrical either – so it’s natural to have a bit of variation.

Our Ruposhi range includes our Brow Perfector, a precise tool for defining and enhancing the finest details. If you’d like to make sure your brows are just as lovely on both sides, try our Brow Perfector for the ultimate in creating your perfect brows!

Myth: there’s nothing you can do about sparse brows

This one is definitely a myth! In fact, those with sparse brows have even more freedom when it comes to choosing the perfect shape. Our experienced beauty consultants offer tinting and henna tinting to totally transform your brows – just let us know!

Plus, our range of Ruposhi cosmetics include our Brow Powder, the perfect antidote for sparse or uneven brows – the four natural colours available are perfect for filling and shaping every set of brows!

Get Your Best Brows Yet at Beauty and Brow

Love brows? So do we! Visit your local Beauty and Brow today for your full brow makeover with our experienced beauty consultants – and check out our range of exclusive Ruposhi cosmetics while you’re here.

We’ll see you soon!

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