All Your Brow Threading Questions Answered

Date: December 25, 2022

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Brow threading is a relatively new technique — well, to the western world anyway! Below, The Beauty & Brow Parlour answers all your questions relating to this ancient, effective and affordable way to maintain your eyebrows.

How Exactly Does It Work?

Just like the name suggests, the process is done with a long piece of thread or string. Once tied into a circle, the thread is twisted into an hourglass shape. This creates a sharp angle in the middle of the thread which your technician will use to remove your brow hair. With a quick twisting and pulling motion, the thread is dragged along the skin collecting the excess hair as it moves. Threading is a very precise form of hair removal and allows for a lot of control and a beautifully defined finish.

Is It Expensive?

Nope! Not at The Beauty & Brow Parlour, it isn’t anyway. While prices will vary between different businesses, this beauty technique is generally pretty affordable. The lack of equipment or extra products needed means that we’re able to offer your expert services at very reasonable rates. Brow threading for women at The Beauty & Brow Parlour is priced at an always-low $15. To find out more about our pricing and other threading services click here.

Can I Do It Myself At Home?

The short answer? Yes — but it’s not recommended. While there are many online tutorials that may claim to be all you need, threading your own eyebrows isn’t as easy as it sounds. One of the fundamental principles of brow threading is making sure the skin is properly stretched out before you start. This can be quite difficult to achieve on your own (you’ve only got two hands after all!) and if not done properly, you risk cutting or grazing your skin with the thread. Our skilled technicians have years of experience threading all sorts of eyebrows and know exactly how to get the best result every time. In our opinion, it’s always best to leave it to a professional.

Is Brow Threading Painful?

Yes and no. There’s going to be a level of discomfort associated with any type of hair removal — especially on your face. While some people claim threading hurts more than waxing, others believe the exact opposite to be true. It’s really just going to depend on your personal tolerance for pain. If you’ve ever plucked out a hair with a pair of tweezers, it’s kind of similar to that. A skilled brow threading technician will always be able to minimise your discomfort with the right techniques and methods of movement.

Is Brow Threading Better Than Waxing?

It’s different, and there are a lot of factors involved in deciding which hair removal option is best for you. Waxing is an effective method that’s used by many people to keep their brows looking clean. It’s quick, efficient and offers a mild exfoliation of your skin during the process. However, waxing too often can permanently damage your hair follicles and individuals with more sensitive skin may find some swelling, redness and irritation after the procedure. When it comes down to it, it’s really a matter of personal preference more than anything. Both brow waxing and brow threading are highly effective ways to manage your brows.

Eyebrow Threading Near Me

If you’ve got any other questions about the brow threading process, feel free to contact The Beauty & Brow Parlour online. We’re always happy to explain our processes to our customers and provide them with any assurances they need.

Find your closest parlour and head in today to experience brow threading for yourself!

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