Popular Trends and Styling Tips for the Holiday Season 

Date: December 27, 2021

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The Beauty Trends and Styling Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s the time of the year to round up the annual fashion trends! 

2021, was an interesting year to say the least, and it’s definitely brought around some unique trends into the spotlight.  

So, let’s have a little look at those, to start off with: 

  • Neon colours 
  • Checkerboard prints 
  • Mushroom prints  
  • Colour clashing 
  • Y2K fashion  
  • Boiler suits  
  • Puff Sleeves  
  • Monochrome  
  • Combat boots  
  • Vests  
  • Wide legged pants  

Now, to finish off the year with a bang!

Let’s get into some tips for styling these popular trends 

  • Mix and match! Pair your neon piece with checkerboard print. This combo instantly makes it look like you’ve put in so much effort into your look! The bright neon shouts confidence and the checkerboard showcases your fun, experimental style. 
    Similarly, put together a noteworthy fit by choosing pieces of clashing colours
  • Dress for comfort: why restrict yourself into skin tight clothes when you can be comfortable, go ham on that holiday food and dance around freely? You don’t have to wear tight or fitted clothes to look trendy! Try pairing the wide legged jeans with a loose shirt, layering a vest on top. This not only makes for a comfortable fit, it also gives off a put-together vibe as the casual look of jeans is uplifted by a statement vest, pulling the entire look together. Alternatively go for a boiler suit! The easiest way to look like you put in heaps of effort, when you actually just slid on one pair of clothing. Boiler suits are comfortable, giving you ample room to move around in! 
  • Diverge from the norms! Pair your puff sleeves with combat boots for an alternative look- the feminine elements of a puff sleeved shirt contrasted with heavy, chunky combat boots actually makes for a surprisingly pleasing aesthetic! It is also easy to in cooperate monochromatic pieces into this formula, playing more into an androgenous look which will definitely turn heads this holiday period.  

Now that you have a few tips and tricks of how to in cooperate 2021 trends into your holiday looks, go have fun mixing and matching, dressing for comfort and diverging from the norms! 

This holiday season, the most important thing is to stay safe and feel good and happy about yourself. So go have a blast and bring it on 2022! 

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