Kindness to Your Skin – Our Skincare Steps

Date: July 22, 2021

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Skincare can be super easy to neglect – in between work, study, and family responsibilities, taking some time to pamper your skin can feel like an unnecessary indulgence.

But remember our Beauty and Brow motto – self-care is a priority, not a luxury! So, read on for tips for maintaining your skincare routine without the hassle:

Protect Your Skin

Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ? It also has the important job of protecting the rest of your body, and thus is vulnerable to damage from various environmental impacts.

Perhaps the greatest of these is the sun – in addition to potential health risks, like skin cancer, failing to protect your skin from the sun can also cause accelerated aging, sun spots, and fine lines.

Make sure to always wear a good quality sunscreen – even in winter! The sun’s harmful UV rays are hiding just behind the clouds, so protect your precious skin every time you step outside.

Nourish Your Skin

Like the rest of your body, the skin requires the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to stay healthy. In addition to making sure your diet is rich in healthy fruits, veg, and proteins, you can also give your skin an extra boost with dedicated skincare treatments.

At Beauty and Brow, our beauty consultants are experts at choosing the perfect treatment for your beautiful skin. We offer a range of services, including skin balancing treatments to correct pH imbalances, plus microdermabrasion, non-surgical facelifts, and much, much more!

You can maintain your skincare routine in between trips to the salon by cleansing your face every day (especially if you wear makeup) and using a good-quality moisturiser to ensure your skin is always supple and soft.

Love Your Skin

Skincare tips are all well and good – but at the Beauty and Brow Parlour, we believe the most important thing is self-love. Don’t hate on your skin for perceived imperfections – remember the hard work it does every day and treat it kindly by maintaining a beauty routine that works for you.

Don’t forget to drop into your local Beauty and Brow for your regular dose of professional skincare and self-love – we’re here to help you feel beautiful inside and out!

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