Eyelash extensions- How long do they last?

Date: February 24, 2020

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The Beauty and Brow Promise.

The Beauty and Brow Parlour strive to improve all our client’s self-confidence and beauty. We achieve this through the provision of excellent beauty treatments such as waxing, threading, facials, makeup, and eyelash extensions. All applied by the most experienced and trained beauticians found in the industry.


Affordable Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

If you are seeking a bold and striking eyelash appearance, without having to apply large amounts of mascara every day you should consider The Beauty and Brow Parlour’s incredible eyelash extension treatment.

You will be amazed at the benefits that our beauticians can give when you receive our eyelash extensions. A waterproof treatment, they have the additional bonus of giving your lashes increased length and volume which replicates mascara, with no smudging or clumps at all!


Eyelash Variations Available.

There are two varieties of eyelash extensions available to customers, depending on what is best suited to their needs. If you are simply seeking extensions in order to celebrate a special occasion, you should receive the short-term lash extensions. These are applied with a weaker bonding agent that will hold for about two days before falling off.

In comparison, you can receive a permanent eyelash extension if you wish to have long-lasting results. The Beauty and Brow Parlour can apply these permanent lashes, which are individually placed with a bond that is designed to last until the end of your natural lash cycle. That means that when you receive your eyelash treatment from us, you will be able to enjoy incredible looking eyelashes full of volume and definition that will last until your lashes would normally fall out!


Find the Best Eyelashes Extensions Service near you

If you are interested in learning more about The Beauty and Brow Parlour’s eyelash extensions, head to our lash section online to read more information.

You can also view our pricing area to find out how affordable our life-changing treatment is here https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/lash-extensions/

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