Why Bold Brows are the Most Important Beauty Trend

Date: September 30, 2020

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It is no secret that luscious, dark brows have been a massive trend in the beauty industry over the last few years, but why are they so popular?

  1. They shape your face.

Eyebrows play a major role in shaping your face and can be used to create a more balanced and symmetrical look.

  1. They make you look more youthful.

While this is not common knowledge, having beautifully cared for brows can provide you with a natural facelift and make your eyes seem larger a more youthful!

  1. They frame your eyes.

The perfect eyebrow shape can be used to flatter your eyes and bring attention away from undereye circles and other minor flaws. However, it is important to note that as everyone has a different facial, eyebrow and eye shape, the “perfect brow” is different for each person. By examining your unique facial structure, and with the help of a Beauty and Brow Parlour technician,  you can discover the perfect brow shape to suit your facial structure and complement your eyes.

  1. They make you look effortlessly stylish.

A gorgeous set of brows can be the feature of your make up look. Even when you’re just wearing a simple outfit without any makeup, a gorgeous set of bold brows can make you look put together, stylish and even on-trend.

  1. Bold brows make you feel strong and unstoppable.

Bold brows are like the key to feeling like your powerful and strong self. After having your eyebrows done, when they are dark, bold and luscious and looking their absolute best, you cannot help but feel incredible. While all of this power was already within you, sometimes a simple brow treatment will bring it out and make you feel more confident than ever.

Brow Treatments at The Brow Bar 

At the Beauty and Brow Bar, we offer a range of exceptional brow treatments, including

Our team can work with your brows to optimise them to perfectly suit your facial structure and make you feel amazing.

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