Self-Care in the time of a Pandemic

You have probably heard this sentence a million times already, but we are currently living through unprecedented and crazy times. Life at the moment is rampant with uncertainty and isolation. Therefore, it is integral that you care for your mental health as

Eyebrow Threading or Waxing – Which is right for me?

Is it time to get those eyebrows in shape? Or are you on the lookout for the best method of removing unwanted facial hair? Well, at the Beauty & Brow Parlour, we provide the highest quality threading and waxing services to meet your beauty needs. Here is

Our Six Secrets to Making your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Eyelash extensions can last from six to eight weeks, but this drastically depends on how well you care for them. So, here are our favourite tips and tricks to keep those lashes of yours looking fantastic for as long as possible. 1. Avoid water and steam for

The Importance Of Hygiene In a Salon – Safe & Hygienic Working

The Beauty and Brow Parlour have a range of beauty treatments that we make available to all our clients in Australia. Our treatments help us achieve our company mission to help spread beauty in this world by increasing our client’s self-confidence and

Our Picks Of The Best Beauty Treatments in Melbourne

The Beauty and Brow Parlour provide all of Australia with quality beauty treatments that help increase beauty in this world. Our services provided all work to in line with our company philosophy that receiving beauty treatments is a necessity and not a

Eyebrow Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

The Beauty and Brow Parlour are Australia’s premier provider of high-quality beauty treatments. These services help our clients increase their self-confidence and release their inner beauty, empowering them to succeed in life. As part of our mission to help


The Beauty and Brow Parlour across  Metropolitan Melbourne reopens from today 22 October, 2021 for fully vaccinated and medically exempt customers. Our Beauticians are looking forward to welcoming you back to our Salons! Strict government rules will apply to

Tinting: natural-hued tint to match your hair colour

Tinting Treatment   The Beauty and Brow Parlour are proud of our consistent efforts to provide our clients with the services and treatments they require to feel their most beautiful self. One such treatment we provide in this regard is our tinting

Find a parlour near you: our staff will make you feel at home

Beauty Parlour Mission   The Beauty and Brow Parlour are proud of our companies’ mission to instil self-confidence and beauty in all our clients, empowering them to succeed in life. We achieve this philosophy by providing market-leading treatments that

Waxing: Which hair removal treatment is the best for your skin

Beauty Parlour Treatments   The Beauty and Brow Parlour ensure that we provide the most beneficial treatments to all our clients. As part of our efforts to provide quality service, we employ only the most experienced and passionate beauticians to apply


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