Beautiful Brows – Choosing Between Waxing or Threading for Your Best Brows Yet

Brows are definitely the look of the moment, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon! We love the variety of looks you can create with a great brow – whether it be bold and defined, soft and subtle, or anywhere in between. Great

Ruposhi: It Means Beautiful!

At The Beauty and Brow Parlour, we’re always looking for ways to improve. To that end, we’re excited to announce that you can now bring your favourite looks home with you! Ruposhi means ‘beautiful’ in Japanese, and that’s how we hope you’ll feel

Glowing Skin: Top Tips and Tricks for The Skin of Your Dreams

If there’s one beauty trend that will never go out of style, it’s gorgeously soft, glowing skin! At Beauty and Brow, our beauty specialists have spent years studying how exactly to get perfect skin – and they’re here to share their tips and tricks

Look beautiful for less with our affordable beauty services!

Affordable beauty is definitely not a myth with Beauty and Brow! Whether you want your brows on point, your lashes on fleek, or your skin to be soft and hair-free, the Beauty and Brow Parlour have got your back! We know it can be super tough to prioritise

How often should you visit a salon? The importance of self-care

It is sometimes difficult to know exactly how often you should visit the salon. Keeping track of how often you should be getting certain beauty treatments is kind of a pain and leads to more stress rather than the relaxation you crave! It’s like when you

Achieving perfect lashes – is it possible?

Who doesn’t dream of having perfect lashes? Beauty trends come and go in a blink of an eye. But it looks as though eyelash beauty services are here to stay! If you have light or sparse lashes, you might opt to for solutions like mascara, store-bought false

How can professional facial treatments help your skin?

What are professional facial treatments? What do they do? Do they work? These are just a few questions about facial treatments we’re asked all the time! Our Beauty and Brow Parlour team is here with the answers to your burning questions! Although there are

Get beauty-ready for the weekend!

  Yay! It’s the weekend. Are you beauty-ready? Whether you are planning a quick weekend trip or just want to chill out at home, there is one thing that you can’t forget! Why not get that salon pamper treatment with our beauty services? Weekends are

Our Famous Henna Tinting Services Is Now in Victoria with 10% Discount Promotion!

Everyone’s excited for the newly added Henna Tinting Services in 3 of our Victorian stores. Have you visited one of the stores and tried our famous Henna Tinting? If not, here is the list of the stores: Woodgrove Highpoint Central West   What is Henna

Brow Tinting or Henna Tinting? What’s Best for You?

Do you have a little to no brow hair? Thinking of dyeing your brow hair because it’s too light but you still want it to look natural? Or do you want to look as if you have had your make-up done without having to do your brows? Bolder eyebrows are taking the


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