Best Waxing In Melbourne At The Beauty & Brow Parlour

Date: October 24, 2022

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The weather’s finally starting to warm up and we’re all out and about again. Ditching the warm winter-wear, Australians all around the country are enjoying the fresh spring weather and eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer.

While there are certainly those of us that continue our waxing regiments all year round, many people choose to neglect this area of cosmetic maintenance during the colder months — not bothered by a little bit of growth in areas that won’t be seeing the light of day.

If you’re one of those individuals looking to begin your waxing routine again once again, The Beauty & Brow Parlour has the expert waxing services to have you hair-free in no time! Whether it’s brow waxing, bikini waxing, full body waxing or just about anything else, we’ve got you covered.

Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?

Ultimately, yes, waxing is better than shaving. There’s always going to be an element of personal preference involved, however, the benefits of professional waxing do outweigh at-home shaving.

For starters, waxing just lasts longer. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, this is the hair removal method for you. Waxing removes the entire hair from the follicle (root and all), leaving a silky smooth surface for weeks. Anyone that’s a regular shaver will tell you that it only takes a few days for the reappearance of dark stubble — creating a sharp, rough, unpleasant feel.

Many people even report a thickening of their hair after repeated shaving. While there’s no conclusive evidence to confirm this phenomenon, we can confirm that waxing will definitely not cause this. In fact, waxing will actually result in the opposite effect, making the hair grow back finer and softer over time.

I’m Scared It Will Hurt!

Everybody has a different pain threshold, so it’s hard to determine just how much waxing will hurt you. Different areas of your body also have different levels of sensitivity, and areas with thinner skin can hurt a little more than others.

Overall, most regular waxers simply get used to the sensation — as does their skin. When applied correctly by an experienced, trained professional beauty technician, the procedure should be relatively quick anyway. Think about getting a bandaid pulled off (…but maybe a little larger!).

If you do experience any reddening, swelling or increased sensitivity after your waxing appointment, there are some simple things you can do at home to alleviate the irritation.

Where Can I Wax?

Where can you wax? Where can’t you wax?

You can wax anywhere that there’s hair on your body. Waxing is a tried and tested hair removal technique that’s been used for centuries. The only reason not to wax an area is if it’s severely injured or already irritated. Any rashes, sores, open wounds and sunburnt areas should be avoided until the area is once again clear and healthy.

The Beauty & Brow Parlour provides a range of Affordable Waxing Services for your entire body that includes:

  • Brow Waxing For Women
  • Brow Waxing For Men
  • Underarm Waxing
  • Forearm Waxing
  • Full Arm Waxing
  • Stomach Area Waxing
  • Lower Back Waxing
  • Full Back Waxing
  • Lower Leg Waxing
  • Thigh Waxing
  • Full Leg Waxing
  • Bikini Line Waxing
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Forehead Waxing
  • Upper Lip Waxing
  • Chin Waxing
  • Sideburn Waxing
  • Full Face Waxing
  • Neck Waxing
  • Cheek Waxing

Best Waxing In Melbourne

For all of your waxing needs, visit one of our many parlours around Australia and New Zealand today. Affordable, reliable service, The Beauty & Brow Parlour prioritises convenience and customer service. With walk-ins accepted at our over 80 separate locations, you’re bound to find one near you!


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