Beauty and Brow Skin Treatments – Which One is Right for You?

Date: May 27, 2021

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Looking into the big, wide world of professional skin treatments? Although advanced skincare is an amazing way to pamper and nourish your skin, it sometimes seems like there are endless options!

If you’re considering a Beauty and Brow skin treatment, we want you to be armed with all the details! Check out our guide to the different treatments on offer – and their unique benefits for your lovely skin!


Microdermabrasion is a totally high-tech treatment, and rapidly growing in popularity at our parlours! It involves gently sanding away the thick outer layer of skin, with powerful exfoliating and rejuvenating effects.

If this sounds kind of scary, don’t worry! Microdermabrasion isn’t painful, and it’s always performed by our highly trained Beauty and Brow consultants. It’s a helpful procedure for many different skin concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks.

If you’re wondering if microdermabrasion is suitable for your skin, chat to the Beauty and Brow team next time you visit! They’re always happy to help.

Anti-Aging Lifting Treatment

Have you ever heard of a non-surgical facelift? Turns out, it’s easier than ever to stay youthful without going under the knife!

Our Beauty and Brow skin lifting treatments utilise the best-advanced skincare products to boost collagen production, improve skin tone and texture, and deeply hydrate and cleanse. With the concentrated removal of toxins and pollutants, your skin is given the freedom to glow!

If you’re experiencing dry, tired skin, or fine lines and wrinkles, our anti-aging treatment is ideal! Talk to your local Beauty and Brow team next time you visit about how our lifting skin treatment can help you and your skin.

Skin Balancing

It can be tough to tell if your skin is unbalanced, but there’s a couple of sign your pH levels are way off! Lots of persistent skin problems, like oily or dry skin, can be traced back to unbalanced pH levels. The Beauty and Brow Parlour offers skin balancing treatments, to realign your skin and address the most common skin complaints.

Our beauticians deeply cleanse the skin, nourishing it with antioxidant-packed oils and serums. Steaming also helps to open and clear pores, erasing toxins and bacteria that leave you feeling sallow or dry. Then your skin is deeply hydrated with advanced moisturiser, ensuring that soft, supple feeling lasts long after your salon trip is done!

Wondering if your pH is out of whack? Talk to the Beauty and Brow team next time you visit and ask if skin balancing treatments are right for you!

Beautiful Skin at Beauty and Brow

Give your skin the gift of nourishment with our Beauty and Brow skin treatments – in addition to the ones outlined above, there are even more options in our parlours!

Talk to our beauty consultants next time you visit your local Beauty and Brow – they’d love to help you glow!


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