Beautiful Brows – Choosing Between Waxing or Threading for Your Best Brows Yet

Date: May 25, 2021

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Brows are definitely the look of the moment, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon! We love the variety of looks you can create with a great brow – whether it be bold and defined, soft and subtle, or anywhere in between.

Great brows, however, require work! Although there’s no longer any need to spend hours plucking at home, regular brow shaping is essential to creating that look we all love. In this article, we’ll be running through the pros and cons of threading versus waxing – today’s most popular hair removal options for eyebrows.

Ready? Let’s begin!


If you’re a bit of a beauty beginner, you might be wondering about the details of each particular method – and why beauticians choose them!

Waxing usually involves applying a small amount of an adhesive substance to the desired area, and then quickly removing it – taking the hair along with it! Waxing can be performed with either hot wax or strip wax – both work by pulling the hair out at the follicle. Although you can buy wax to use at home, we always recommend visiting a qualified beautician – they can minimise any pain or irritation and ensure the results are smooth, soft, and perfect!

Threading, on the other hand, is a technique skilful beauticians use to remove hair with just a thread! The thread is twisted and rolled over unwanted hair, removing it at the roots. You definitely can’t do threading at home – our Beauty and Brow consultants undergo extensive training to ensure they can perform threading safely and effectively on our clients.


Threading offers perhaps the most accurate and precise method of hair removal for brows, because beauticians are able to select and remove individual strands of hair. Threading is perfect if you like a super-defined brow, offering pin-point precision. Threading is also great for creating a whole new brow look – your beautician will work closely with you to ensure there’s not a hair out of place!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should rule out waxing just yet! Waxing is great for creating a gently sculpted shape out of bushy brows – if you’ve neglected a trip to the salon for a while, waxing can quickly tame brows that need a bit of extra TLC!


Although neither waxing nor threading should be terribly painful when performed by an experienced beautician, those with sensitive skin might be wondering how they stack up.

As threading involves the removal of hair strand-by-strand, the process can take a little longer and you might find yourself feeling sensitive as the procedure goes on. One advantage of threading is that no chemicals or unknown allergens are used – it’s perfect if you have sensitive skin or use other products around your eye area.

Waxing can also be painful, although it is generally a quicker process. Some clients report experiencing minor redness or irritation after waxing – your beautician will give you advice to help reduce any discomfort.


Threading and waxing both remove hair at the roots, so both last a lot longer than shaving ever could!

Threading and waxing both usually last for up to four weeks – so there’s no difference there! However, threading can usually be performed on slightly shorter hairs than waxing can – that means you can get your brows reshaped sooner!

Waxing or Threading? Why Not Try Them Both?!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quick guide! As always, if you’d like to learn more about waxing, threading, or any other beauty treatment, please ask our friendly Beauty and Brow consultants next time you’re in!

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