A New Year is a time for new beginnings, so it’s time to carve out more time for self-care! Having endured a tough year, indulge a little and treat yourself to some pampering that you deserve. Get ready to put your best face forward and let The Beauty & Brow Parlour be part of your new journey to being beautiful.

It’s the time of the year again and adding a beauty treatment resolution to your list would be a good idea! Whether you’re yearning for glowing skin, brows on point, lashes on fleek and a glam look, our exceptional Beauty Services will provide everything you need to feel like a brand new you this year!

New Year’s Beauty Treatment Resolutions to Add On Your List!

Dedicate your new year’s resolution to having clear and beautiful skin with our Facial Services and Skin Treatments. Our passionate staff knows to provide you with the needed treatment for your skin to help you achieve the natural glow and the younger-looking skin that you dreamed of. These treatments will cleanse your skin from within which can remove dead skin and make room for new skin cells to flourish. All products used for these services are proven safe and effective.

Another one to add to your beauty resolutions list is Waxing. It’s time to say goodbye to chicken skin, itchy ingrown hairs and skin darkening from shaving. Waxing can remove all your unwanted hairs from the roots for weeks and over time you will notice a reduction in hair growth. So, regardless you prefer full body waxing or just waxing some certain parts of your body, we make sure that our experienced staff will take care of you especially on the delicate areas of your body. Our waxing services are safe for all skin types so you don’t have to worry about irritation.

Tired of using eyelash curlers and putting heavy mascaras every time? Lash Services are the common beauty service to enhance your natural beauty this year. We offer Lash Extension, Lash Lift and Lash Tinting. Be effortlessly stunning with our lash services.

Getting your brows always on point is also the most popular beauty enhancement. Why not try our Brow Services, we offer Brow Waxing and Brow Threading. Getting your eyebrows in perfect shape is important as it plays a significant role in our facial structures. These services are a quick and easy way to enhance your beauty. Forget the daily shaving and time-consuming plucking and try our affordable brow services.

Having eyebrows with the right shape is every woman’s dream but if you have light coloured and sparse brows then you can also consider adding Eyebrow Tinting on your list. Tinting will give you darker and more noticeable and defined brows that can make your face more attractive and expressive.

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Have you decided what beauty service to kick start your new year? Keep yourself looking glamourous throughout the year! Head on to our website for more information about our affordable services and general enquiry. You can find your nearest parlour here for bookings and appointments.

They say that eyes are a window into the soul – does that mean that eyelashes are the curtains?

It is hard to underestimate how beautiful you feel with perfect lashes. With each blink, wink, and glance, your eyelashes can help your eyes convey so much.

Both eyelash extensions and lash lifts are popular choices for achieving that flawless lash look. With our guide, you can find your best lashes yet.

Eyelash Extensions

Do you love luscious, thick lashes that frame your eyes and give you that sultry, mysterious look? Eyelash extensions are artificial lashes that blend seamlessly with your natural lashes – when applied by an experienced technician, no one can tell they are not your own.

Permanent eyelash extensions last for up to six weeks, then naturally fall out. They are a great option if you have a busy lifestyle and no time to bother with mascara every morning. They work to lengthen and thicken your natural lashes for that gorgeous lash look.

If you are excited for a big night out or special event, temporary lash extensions are perfect for you. As you can choose your lashes from a range of thicknesses, colours, and styles, you can go for something subtly enhancing or a bold and totally unique look. No more fiddling with store-bought lashes or clumpy mascara!

Lash Lifts

Lash lifts are growing in popularity for their low-maintenance and natural look. First, the technician will clean your eyes to ensure a perfect base, then curl your lashes upwards to give your eyes that bright, open look. Then your lashes are tinted, subtly darkening them to further enhance your eyes. Lash lifts are perfectly safe and not at all painful when performed by an experienced technician. Some people even fall asleep during the process!

They last for four to six weeks, and gradually become more subtle as the tint and curl disappears. An experienced technician can further customise your lash lift and create your perfect natural look.

A lash lift is just your lashes, but better! If you are looking for a subtle option that makes a world of difference to your eyes, a lash lift is a great option.

Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts at Brow and Beauty

Still not sure about the right option for your lovely lashes? Our experienced Beauty and Brow Parlour technicians are passionate about lashes and would love to help you decide.

It’s time for the lashes of your dreams! Contact the team at your local Beauty and Brow Parlour today.

Eyelash Extensions Actual Myths

Eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. They provide a beautiful, flawless lash look, mean you no longer need to rely on mascara and last up to six weeks! However, several myths are circling around about lash extensions, and the Beauty and Brow team is here to bust them.

  1. They are painful and uncomfortable.

This is not true; in fact, many of our clients find the process relaxing and take a nap while having their extensions put in!

  1. They all look the same.

People often assume that lash extensions all have the same glamourous look with maximum volume and length. However, there is a range of lash extension options to choose from, such as a half set, natural lashes, winged lashes, extra curled, volume, the list goes on! Speak to your lash technician about your desired lash look, and they’ll be able to provide it for you!

  1. They damage your natural lashes and make them fall out.

Not if they are applied properly. When lash extensions are added one-by-one to your lash line, they will not cause your lashes to fall out but will be shed with you natural six-week eyelash growth cycle. If you notice lashes coming out in clumps, that is a sign that they were applied incorrectly. Lash extensions can also damage your lash line if they are too heavy, but this can be easily pick up on by a skilled lash technician.

At the Beauty and Brow Parlour, all of our skilled technicians are exceptionally trained in the correct procedure. So, you do not have to worry about this happening at our clinics.

  1. They are only for young people.

This is not true at all; in fact, the Beauty and Brow Parlour has many older clients who do not like to wear mascara but still want beautiful, flawless lashes!

  1. You can pull them out yourself when you’re done with them.

Please do not do this! Pulling out your lashes will traumatise the follicle meaning your lashes will not grow back in that spot. Therefore, it is integral that you either wait for your extensions to fall out naturally or return to your lash clinic to have them removed.

  1. They don’t require any maintenance.

While the amount of maintenance is minute, it is still important. Firstly, after having your lash extensions applied, you should not get them wet for 24 hours – this is to ensure the glue dries perfectly. You should also avoid any contact with oil, and this can weaken the hold of the glue.

  1. You can’t wear mascara on top of them.

You can absolutely put mascara on top of your extensions. This is common if you want a more glamourous look for a night or towards the end of the six weeks. Just ensure you do not use oil-based or waterproof mascara.

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To find out more about our lash extension services, head to our website, for more services or come in-store and our friendly team can talk you through the lash extension treatment.

Eyelash extensions can last from six to eight weeks, but this drastically depends on how well you care for them. So, here are our favourite tips and tricks to keep those lashes of yours looking fantastic for as long as possible.

1. Avoid water and steam for the first 48 hours.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but it is essential to leave enough time for the glue to set properly, so your new lashes stay strongly attached. Water and steam can weaken the strength of the glue during the first 48 hours. But don’t worry, after this period you can get back to steaming hot showers and ocean swims!

2. Sleep on your back.

This may seem a little extra but sleep on your back for the first couple of nights after getting your extensions done. It is the best bet to allow the glue to properly set and to avoid any kinks in your new lashes. This is most important for the first few nights; but if you’re able to, it is beneficial to continue sleeping on your back to avoid lashes falling out due to the friction between you and your pillow.

3. Avoid mascara if possible.

Yes, finally an excuse to use less makeup! With your new lush lashes, you won’t need the extra mascara, which is great because it is very difficult to remove mascara without damaging your extensions.

4. Use an oil-free make up remover.

However, if you do use mascara and any other makeup. Make sure you use a mild, oil-free makeup remover to prevent any damage to those gorgeous lashes!

5. Comb them regularly.

A regular comb keeps your lashes looking lush and avoids any off those messy crisscrosses and kinks.

6. Avoid the urge to play with them.

So, this is hard than it seems, but try to keep your hands off those lovely lashes. As playing with them can cause your natural lashes to fall out quicker.

If these little tips are a little too hard to follow, don’t fret, you can come back to our Salon for a lash top-up. And really, it is less difficult than it sounds! Not to mention, the result of having those lush lashes lasting as long as possible is absolutely worth it!

Eyelash Extensions Service

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