A New Year is a time for new beginnings, so it’s time to carve out more time for self-care! Having endured a tough year, indulge a little and treat yourself to some pampering that you deserve. Get ready to put your best face forward and let The Beauty & Brow Parlour be part of your new journey to being beautiful.

It’s the time of the year again and adding a beauty treatment resolution to your list would be a good idea! Whether you’re yearning for glowing skin, brows on point, lashes on fleek and a glam look, our exceptional Beauty Services will provide everything you need to feel like a brand new you this year!

New Year’s Beauty Treatment Resolutions to Add On Your List!

Dedicate your new year’s resolution to having clear and beautiful skin with our Facial Services and Skin Treatments. Our passionate staff knows to provide you with the needed treatment for your skin to help you achieve the natural glow and the younger-looking skin that you dreamed of. These treatments will cleanse your skin from within which can remove dead skin and make room for new skin cells to flourish. All products used for these services are proven safe and effective.

Another one to add to your beauty resolutions list is Waxing. It’s time to say goodbye to chicken skin, itchy ingrown hairs and skin darkening from shaving. Waxing can remove all your unwanted hairs from the roots for weeks and over time you will notice a reduction in hair growth. So, regardless you prefer full body waxing or just waxing some certain parts of your body, we make sure that our experienced staff will take care of you especially on the delicate areas of your body. Our waxing services are safe for all skin types so you don’t have to worry about irritation.

Tired of using eyelash curlers and putting heavy mascaras every time? Lash Services are the common beauty service to enhance your natural beauty this year. We offer Lash Extension, Lash Lift and Lash Tinting. Be effortlessly stunning with our lash services.

Getting your brows always on point is also the most popular beauty enhancement. Why not try our Brow Services, we offer Brow Waxing and Brow Threading. Getting your eyebrows in perfect shape is important as it plays a significant role in our facial structures. These services are a quick and easy way to enhance your beauty. Forget the daily shaving and time-consuming plucking and try our affordable brow services.

Having eyebrows with the right shape is every woman’s dream but if you have light coloured and sparse brows then you can also consider adding Eyebrow Tinting on your list. Tinting will give you darker and more noticeable and defined brows that can make your face more attractive and expressive.

Contact Beauty Brow Parlour Near Me

Have you decided what beauty service to kick start your new year? Keep yourself looking glamourous throughout the year! Head on to our website for more information about our affordable services and general enquiry. You can find your nearest parlour here for bookings and appointments.

The Beauty Brow Parlour Team

We at The Beauty & Brow Parlour, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope that it’s filled with warmth and good cheer! Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year that we all have been waiting for. This year may be different from the past, and even a lot of things we’ve come to cherish about the holidays may need to be modified, it doesn’t mean that it will be no less special.

We got you covered!

Are you still in need of some pre-holiday pampering? Beauty treatments are the best part of this season. After the tiring and exhausting preparations for the coming holidays, everyone deserves a much-needed self-care. Time to sit back and relax because The Beauty and & Brow Parlour Professionals will take good care of you.

Have a sweet treat and try the beauty services that we offer. The current self-care trends for women are waxing, facial, and skin treatments. We also provide easy and quick enhancements like threading, make-up services, and more!

All our beauty treatments are safe and carefully done by our reliable Beauty Experts. We want to make sure that every client will feel and look good after every session and to have that beautiful glow when they come out of our salon.

Thank You!

We appreciate you for trusting us to be part of your beauty experience. We provide exceptional service and the special treatment that every customer deserved. Our goal is to help every human being to be proud and confident regardless of what you look like. We at Beauty & Brow Parlour will enhance your beauty and help you boost your self-esteem because we believe that everybody deserves to be beautiful!

Time flies so fast and only a few days left for this year to end. All of us are hoping for a better year to come. Life must go on, they say! So, whatever you are feeling and dealing with right now, don’t forget to always put a smile on your face. Remember, a smile is an effortless way to be radiant.

Again, we thank you for choosing Beauty & Brow Parlour to be part of your journey to being beautiful. Have wonderful Christmas and joyous a New Year to everyone! Cheers!!!

You have probably heard this sentence a million times already, but we are currently living through unprecedented and crazy times. Life at the moment is rampant with uncertainty and isolation. Therefore, it is integral that you care for your mental health as much as possible. And one of the best ways to do this is through self-care.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Self-care is quite literally any activity that we deliberately do to care for our mental, physical and emotional health. It can range from reading a good book to taking a warm bath with a face mask and a glass of wine – whatever makes you feel good.

And one great way to make yourself feel good is investing in your beauty regime. This can be using a face mask once a week or getting your eyebrows threaded – it is entirely dependent on your personal preference. And our friendly staff at the Beauty & Brow Parlour is here to help you to prioritise self-care. We have a massive range of beauty treatments to get you feeling your best because we all know that spending a little bit of time and money on pampering yourself is a sure way to make you feel fantastic.

Beauty Salon near you

While our Salons are currently closed due to the restrictions in place, with the conditions in Australia rapidly improving. We are sure we’ll be able to open our doors soon to welcome in your beautiful faces. In the meantime, you can head over to our website to discover out amazing and affordable beauty services options and have a little daydream of what you can have done when the restrictions are finally lifted. We also have a blog that you can browse to hear all of self-care and beauty advice and knowledge!

So, now is the time to relax and take care of yourselves! Keep happy, healthy and well moisturised. We can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces very soon and get back to work in providing you with the highest quality beauty treatments possible.

The Beauty and Brow Parlour provide all of Australia with quality beauty treatments that help increase beauty in this world. Our services provided all work to in line with our company philosophy that receiving beauty treatments is a necessity and not a luxury.

Favourite Beauty Techniques.

We are proud of the treatments that we have on offer at our various parlours, with one of our favourites being the threading service that we have available in our beauty salons. This technique involves the removal of unwanted hair with unmatched accuracy and precision.

It consists in doubling and twisting a thin thread, then twirling the thread over the unwanted hairs. Thus, friction caused by the twisted thread pulls the hair out at the root. This process is more efficient than plucking and less painful than waxing while also creating less waste than waxing. It is also gentler on your skin leaving your skin smoother with less redness and irritation.

Favourite Beauty Techniques – Waxing.

A second favourite beauty treatment that we have available at our parlours is the waxing treatments available. Waxing is a technique in which large amounts of hair can be removed, for a longer duration of time in one sitting.

The many benefits of waxing include long-lasting results, due to the hair is being removed from the root with wax and strips. Additionally, when the hair eventually grows back, it appears finer and softer. Also, waxing will exfoliate any dead skin cells as it removes hair from the root, leaving your skin silky smooth.

More Information About Beauty Brow Parlour

For more information about our many beauty treatments, head online to our services page and read in-depth. You can also head to our blog section to read additional beauty tips and tricks to help you achieve self-confidence and empowerment.


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