The Beauty & Brow Parlour Preston

Are you on the lookout for a new Preston beauty parlour to get all your beauty treatments done in one go by qualified professionals? Our Beauty & Brow Parlour is here for you!

Beauty Services Preston

Our Beauty Salon Preston is centrally located in the Northland shopping centre to ensure you can complete all of your shopping and get your Preston beauty services done, all in one go!

At the Preston location, we also offer an array of our highly sought after Ruposhi products which can help you to keep your eyebrows looking beautifully flawless in between waxing or threading.

Preston Beauty Treatment

 Our most popular beauty services at our Preston Parlour include:

So, if you’re in need of an appointment for a well-deserved pamper session, Preston Beauty & Brow parlour is the place for you!

To book an appointment or to discover all of our wonderful Preston beauty services, visit our website or call our welcoming team on (03) 9381 0658 to discuss what options would suit you the best.

Beauty and Brow Parlour Preston

Our Beauty & Brow staff members are dedicated to making the women of Melbourne feel confident and beautiful. And our mechanism of achieving this vision is through providing the beauty services to make our valued clients feel their best. Because we all know that have a gorgeous, strong set of eyebrows and lashes make you feel ready to take on the world. Choose our Preston beauty parlour and help us achieve our dream.

We can’t wait to see your beautiful face.


Shop W039A, Northland Shopping Centre, 2-50 Murray Road, Preston VIC 3073

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