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The Beauty & Brow Parlour are experts in relation to the application of make-up and are unparalleled in make-up services Melbourne. We believe that self-care is a requirement, not simply an indulgence.

As part of the Beauty & Brow Parlours belief that in order to achieve beauty, it is necessary to first have self-acceptance, we strive to give this to our valued clients through the application of treatments such as our professional make-up services.

Furthermore, when our experienced and dedicated beauticians apply this treatment, you will benefit from a professional appraisal of your facial qualities and features as we formulate the best possible make-up for your unique beauty.

Additionally, aside from the best possible treatment by our team, you will benefit from the most affordable pricing structure available for our make up services, and all other treatments available.

Post-treatment, you will rejoice as you feel confident and self-acceptance so you can succeed in your life. The Beauty & Brow Parlour is dedicated to providing this experience for you, with no other salon able to provide the degree of care and dedication such as what you will discover inside our numerous stores.



  • Special Occasion Makeup $50*
  • Bridal Makeup $80*
Recommended products
  • Brightening Eye Cream

    Brightening Eye Cream


    Available In-Store Only

  • Highlighter Pencil

    Highlighter Pencil


    Available In-Store Only

  • Brow Powder Natural Brown

    Brow Wax


    Available In-Store Only

  • Brow Powder

    Brow Powder


    Available In-Store Only


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