If you have lightly coloured eyebrows or lashes, our tinting services may be the beauty treatment that you have been waiting for. Tinting gives you a darker and more defined brow or lash line, providing you with the look of having naturally dark and luscious lashes and brows, without all the work or filling in your brows or wearing mascara every day. Tinting is also a great option if you crave a naturally dark and lengthy look for your lashes but don’t like lash extensions.

Tinting is an extremely popular service at the Beauty and Brow Parlour, and our talented technicians are the experts in providing each customer with the gorgeous tinted brows and lashes they were hoping for. Our tinting services bring you gorgeously darkened brows and lashes that work beautifully to accentuate your eyes and facial structure. At the Beauty and Brow Parlour, we aim to highlight the beauty of our clients and bring them confidence, never to change their beautiful face – and our tinting services are a great way to achieve this.

What Does Tinting Involve?

Our brow and lash tints are a form of hair dye developed for specific use on brows and lashes. They are semi-permanent colour designed to last up to six weeks, meaning you’ll save time and money using products every morning to try to reach the same look.

Eyebrow Tinting

Everyone knows that full, dark eyebrows are all the rage right now, much to the detest of some of our lighter haired clients, however, with eyebrow tinting, you can achieve that gorgeous and naturally dark eyebrow look without having to fill in your brows every day. And for only $12, what is stopping you?

Eyelash Tinting

With eyelash tinting, you can achieve beautiful and dark lashes while avoiding the black clumps that come with mascara. Furthermore, lash tinting looks far more natural and flawless, with a professionally done eyelash tint. You will be able to easily convince people that you just naturally have beautifully lush and dark lashes.

Naturally, your eyelashes get lighter at the ends; therefore, eye tinting not only makes your lashes look darker and thicker but also longer. With our remarkable eyelash tinting services for only $15, you’ll be able to wave goodbye to that mascara wand for good!

Tinting Price

  • Eyebrow Tinting$12
  • Eyelash Tinting $15


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So, are you ready to be pampered? If yes, head over to our website to find a salon near you. We are the best and most affordable beauty parlour for brow and lash tinting service Sydney, Australia and New Zealand have to offer. So, what are you waiting for! Contact us today!

We can’t wait to see those beautiful brows.


      Tinting Treatment


      The Beauty and Brow Parlour are proud of our consistent efforts to provide our clients with the services and treatments they require to feel their most beautiful self. One such treatment we provide in this regard is our tinting application which has numerous benefits in allowing your self-confidence to blossom.

      Tinting involves the darkening of your lash and brow line to supply you with a more defined and accentuated appearance. Also, the actual hair dye that we use in the tinting application are all naturally sourced and contain no harmful or artificial elements that may harm your skin, leaving you with a healthy and safe treatment to help achieve you on your way to becoming confident and empowered.

      When you come into The Beauty and Brow Parlour to receive your tinting application, our highly trained beauticians will examine your natural hair colour so to suggest the perfect accompanying tinting dye to be used in your appointment.

      Benefits of Tinting Treatment


      The result of your tinting appointment is a darkening of your lash and brow to produce a more striking and aesthetically pleasing look. We take great care to ensure that our tinting is a close match to your natural hair colour to provide the most natural look possible.

      We love seeing the glowing look upon our clients face as they relish their appearance post tinting, and we promise that when you come in the same will be evident in your reaction as you look upon your bold new look.

      If you would like to bring out your natural beauty with the assistance of our tinting application, please come into your nearest parlour today to talk with our talented beauticians. They will be more than happy to explain the entire process and answer any questions you may have regarding tinting at the Beauty and Brow Parlour.

      For more detailed information regarding tinting and the benefits that you can obtain from the treatment head online to the following link now  https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/tinting/.




      Beauty Parlour Mission


      The Beauty and Brow Parlour are proud of our companies’ mission to instil self-confidence and beauty in all our clients, empowering them to succeed in life. We achieve this philosophy by providing market-leading treatments that are applied by our talented beauticians that take a personal approach in caring for your beauty requirements.

      Beauty Parlour Treatments


      Our treatments available include a broad range of beauty treatments such as hair removal applications such as threading and waxing, both of which will leave your skin silky smooth and last significantly longer than shaving with benefits to your skin’s health.

      Also, you can increase your self-confidence with excellent options for your facial glow, such as our rejuvenating facials available. After a Beauty Parlour facial, you will love the fresh feeling as your pores are emptied of harmful toxins and grime that build up over time and hard to cleanse at home.

      Additionally, you will love the long-lasting eye-lash extensions that last for the duration of your natural hair cycle and gift you with all the benefits of mascara with zero smudging or clumps. We also offer short term lash extensions that are perfect for special occasions, both options will leave you in awe of your beautiful appearance and luscious lashes for the world to see.

      We have an extensive range of store locations that facilitate beauty treatments all around Australia. If you are interested in bringing out your most beautiful self, please read our services page to decide what treatment is best for you and then locate your nearest store to feel your most beautiful self today!

      Our beauticians will make you feel comfortable and at home, while they fuss over you with a personal touch, discover the Beauty and Brow difference today!



      Beauty Parlour Treatments


      The Beauty and Brow Parlour ensure that we provide the most beneficial treatments to all our clients. As part of our efforts to provide quality service, we employ only the most experienced and passionate beauticians to apply our procedures so you can always have peace of mind you’re in safe hands.

      Not only do we offer market-leading customer service, but we also take great lengths to provide informative advice in the world of beauty, so you can be educated in the best approach to take in applying proper care to your unique requirements.

      As such, we have provided the below summary in how to select best the hair removal method, which is best for you as we understand that everyone is an individual with unique needs for their skin.

      Hair Removal Treatment


      When it comes to hair removal, there is a multitude of ways you can go about achieving smooth skin. The traditional and most used method is the standard shaving system, where a blade is run along the surface removing hair by process of cutting. While this is common for home removal, the negative side to shaving is that as the root is not removed so, you will notice hair growing back quite rapidly, forcing repeated shaving that may irritate the skin after some time.

      In comparison, the waxing treatment available at the Beauty and Brow Parlour offers an alternative that removes hair via the application of a warm wax that is then covered with cloth. This is then removed, taking with it the nose by the root that leaves a silky-smooth finish that lasts considerably longer than shaving.

      If you are interested in the best available hair removal method, we suggest trying our waxing treatment and seeing the results for yourself. The Beauty and Brow Parlour also offer excellent treatments such as threading which may be best suited to your skin.

      To find out what works best for you to make an appointment today and come try them out! You can also go online to read all about our different treatments available by clicking on the following link https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/waxing/




      Eyelash Extension Application


      The Beauty and Brow Parlour provide high-quality treatments in our salons, all of which work towards achieving our company mission to help individuals feel their most beautiful self. We firmly believe that for our clients to feel beautiful, the first step is gaining self-confidence – which we facilitate through our quality of services.

      As part of our mission, we understand that an individual’s eyelash appearance is imperative to feeling confident and beautiful—specifically, the shape of your eyelashes concerning the shape of your eyes.

      Due to this importance, The Beauty and Brow Parlour offer our clients market-leading eyelash extensions to aid in their journey to self-acceptance. Our highly trained beauticians are experts in the industry, and when you come in for an eyelash appointment, will examine your unique features and characteristics of your face and eyes to provide you with the perfect style tailored to your requirements.

      Eyelash Treatments Available


      We can provide two distinct variations of eyelash extensions, depending on the reasoning behind your appointment. If you are seeking extensions for an extended duration, our beauticians will provide you with permanent extensions which will last for the period of your natural cycle when your lashes typically would fall out. In comparison, if you are seeking a new look for a day or two, you may obtain our short-term extensions which will fall out after a short amount of time, perfect for special occasions.

      Regardless of if you require short- or long-term extensions; our expert beauticians will be able to provide a wholly tailored application to your facial requirements that result in a beautiful glowing appearance.

      If you would like to discover more about the incredible benefits of applying for The Beauty and Brow Parlours eyelash extensions, then please head over to our services page for more information regarding the treatment by clicking the following link –  https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/lash-extensions/




      Rejuvinating Treatment


      The Beauty and Brow Parlour are committed to providing our clients with treatments that allow them to be their most confident self. One such treatment is our facial rejuvenation services that help our clients show off their true beauty.

      Facial Benefits


      You would be shocked at the volume of dirt, grime, dead-skin and pollution that builds up on your face over time. While you may not be able to observe this build-up with the naked eye, it most definitely is there and can cause adverse effects on the skin if left unchecked.

      Moreover, attempting to cleanse your skin yourself using home remedies is useful. However, it is impossible to achieve a correct deep cleansing of your precious skin without the aid of a professional such as the talented beauticians found in every Beauty and Brow Parlour.

      Facial Appointment


      When you make an appointment for a facial cleansing at The Beauty and Brow Parlour, our professional team will take care of you with a personal touch. Our beauticians will examine your unique facial requirements and features to give the most effective cleaning possible.

      Post-cleansing, you will discover a wealth of benefits relating to the Beauty Parlours treatment. Including, the regeneration of new skin cells, and improved skin tone due to the removal of dead skin cells and pollution from the pores of your face. Also, our facial rejuvenation process fights against the effects of the sun and elemental exposure leaving you with a refreshing feeling of your beautiful natural self.

      If you would like to alleviate the stress that life has placed on your facial features, make an appointment with The Beauty and Brow Parlour today to show off to the world your naturally beautiful self.

      You can read up on the benefits and process of our facial rejuvenation treatment by clicking on the following link to our facial services page – https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/facial/.



      The Beauty and Brow Parlour Mission


      The Beauty and Brow parlour believe that self-care is a necessity and not a luxury. This statement is one of several company beliefs, that combine to form our mission of enabling all clients to feel a life of acceptance and beauty, feeling confident in the pursuit of their chosen path.

      We succeed in our mission to spread beauty in this world through the availability of our special beauty treatments and products. These include waxing applications, threading treatment, eyelash extensions, facials and rejuvenation, as well as incredible makeup services.

      We not only offer a broad range of beauty treatments; we also take great pride in ensuring that all the individuals who we hire to be beauticians are the best in the industry. When you receive one of the above treatments you can be sure that the professional taking care of you is highly trained, experienced, and passionate in providing you with unbelievable customer satisfaction.


      New Products Coming – Ruposhi Cosmetics


      We are also excited to announce the newest addition to our offerings of beauty enhancing products. You can now purchase The Beauty and Brow Parlours own brand of cosmetic beauty items branded ‘’Ruposhi’’. Translated to English, this means beautiful.

      We have a wide variety of high-quality Ruposhi products you can purchase including:

      The Beauty and Brow parlour is very happy to be able to offer these incredible choices to our customers, which are market leading in both quality and effectiveness. You will not be disappointed when you try them out for yourself.

      Learn More About Ruposhi Product Range


      If you would like to learn more about these new Ruposhi products and what they can do for you head online to learn more information.

      You can also see out range of treatments available online and all the benefits they can provide for you here https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au

      Experience The Beauty & Brow Parlour Westfield Doncaster

      The Beauty and Brow Parlour are both passionate and experienced regarding all aspects of the beauty industry. Incorporating, the highest degree of quality and affordability into all our treatments available.

      Reflecting our love of creating beauty in our client’s world, The Beauty and Brow Parlour has a company belief that self-care is a priority, not a luxury. In addition, we assist our clients in maintaining their self-care through the availability of beauty enhancing treatments.

      Beauty Treatments in Westfield, Doncaster

      Available in all parlour locations, such as The Beauty and Brow Parlour in Westfield, Doncaster you can receive:


      The Beauty and Brow Parlour in Westfield, Doncaster reflects the same experience had in all stores, providing clients with incredible customer satisfaction. We place a great deal of effort in giving all our clients this customer service, as we strive to succeed in our mission to help everyone live a life of self-acceptance and beauty, empowering them to succeed.

      The beauticians at Doncaster, Westfield are all carefully hired with only the most passionate and experienced individuals found in store. Allowing you to have peace of mind when you come into our parlour and receive a beautifying treatment.

      Beauty Enquiries… We are here to help!

      Additionally, if you have any concerns or questions regarding the type of service that will best suit your unique face, please ask our friendly team at Westfield, Doncaster. They will be more than happy to give you informed and professional guidance on achieving your most beautiful self.

      You can find The Beauty and Brow Parlour Westfield, Doncaster located at Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre, 619 Doncaster Road (Cnr Williamsons Rd), Doncaster VIC 3108).

      You can reach our Doncaster parlour on the following number Phone: (03) 9840 2638.


      To view the incredible services available at our Doncaster, Westfield parlour head to our treatments page for detailed information https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/westfield-doncaster/

      The Beauty and Brow Promise.

      The Beauty and Brow Parlour strive to improve all our client’s self-confidence and beauty. We achieve this through the provision of excellent beauty treatments such as waxing, threading, facials, makeup, and eyelash extensions. All applied by the most experienced and trained beauticians found in the industry.


      Affordable Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

      If you are seeking a bold and striking eyelash appearance, without having to apply large amounts of mascara every day you should consider The Beauty and Brow Parlour’s incredible eyelash extension treatment.

      You will be amazed at the benefits that our beauticians can give when you receive our eyelash extensions. A waterproof treatment, they have the additional bonus of giving your lashes increased length and volume which replicates mascara, with no smudging or clumps at all!


      Eyelash Variations Available.

      There are two varieties of eyelash extensions available to customers, depending on what is best suited to their needs. If you are simply seeking extensions in order to celebrate a special occasion, you should receive the short-term lash extensions. These are applied with a weaker bonding agent that will hold for about two days before falling off.

      In comparison, you can receive a permanent eyelash extension if you wish to have long-lasting results. The Beauty and Brow Parlour can apply these permanent lashes, which are individually placed with a bond that is designed to last until the end of your natural lash cycle. That means that when you receive your eyelash treatment from us, you will be able to enjoy incredible looking eyelashes full of volume and definition that will last until your lashes would normally fall out!


      Find the Best Eyelashes Extensions Service near you

      If you are interested in learning more about The Beauty and Brow Parlour’s eyelash extensions, head to our lash section online to read more information.

      You can also view our pricing area to find out how affordable our life-changing treatment is here https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/lash-extensions/

      Beauty and Brow Philosophy

      The Beauty and Brow Parlour are committed to fulfilling our company objective, to enable all our clients to live feeling accepted and beautiful. You will feel unknown levels of confidence following one of our amazing services on offer. Including, waxing, facials, threading, eyelash extensions, and threading. All these treatments are applied to the highest degree of care by our best in market beauticians.

      Aside from these incredible services, we also offer insightful and informative knowledge about our services and how to correctly maintain your beauty after treatment. For example, a summary of our special waxing treatment can be found below, along with post-treatment best practice from the Beauty and Brow Parlour.


      Waxing Treatment Melbourne

      During the actual waxing treatment, your beautician will start by heating up the wax to be used for best results on your skin. Then the area which you desire the hair to be removed from will have the special wax spread on the surface. Following a brief pause, a piece of fabric will be applied on top of the wax, which is shortly after removed taking with it your hair from the root.

      Do not be concerned about any pain that might occur, our team are very experienced and understand how to provide an incredible waxing treatment that will result in a hassle-free, comfortable experience.


      Post Waxing Treatment

      After our special waxing treatment, to avoid any negative post application issues The Beauty and Brow Parlour suggest in the following 24 hours avoiding hot showers, and baths. Additionally, wearing tight clothes, exercising, and touching the area should be avoided directly after treatment.


      If you are interested in learning more about The Beauty and Brow Parlours premier beauty treatments and products you should head to our services page for more information https://thebeautybrowparlour.com.au/waxing/


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